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Teaching evaluations

UvA Q (Quality Evaluations) is the method used by the University of Amsterdam to assess teaching quality.

UvA Q provides reports for administrators, managers, course coordinators, lecturers, committees and students. The staff who receive the report select the UvA Q information they require for their own specific purposes, thereby collectively helping to maintain the quality of teaching at the UvA and improve it where possible.  

UvA Q is used to gather student opinions, as well as information about courses and experiences with lecturers. This information is collated into reports with easily comparable data, tailored to the needs of the various users. Lecturers can use the UvA Q information to improve their skills and teaching. The information enables Programme Committees to identify differences in appraisal and ratings and take appropriate action, while Colleges and Graduate Schools can use the information to permanently steer performance on the basis of teaching quality. In addition, the UvA can also keep students informed about the evaluation results and how these are used.