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Masterclass by Giovanbattista Tusa, Nova University of Lisbon | New Political Ecologies Seminar organized by Joost de Bloois and Jeff Diamanti

Event details of Geo-anarchies
Date 21 May 2021
Time 11:00 -13:00

New Political Ecologies Seminar. May 21th, 11-13hrs . 

The masterclass will focus on the possibility of rethinking the figure of "earth" in contemporary philosophy and in the current debate on the Anthropocene. While the necessity for a geo-philosophy had clearly emerged at the end of the twentieth century, a sort of geo-poetics that had romanticised the wandering planet had at the same time rendered it an untouchable and defenceless resource that can only be protected. Since “earth” has been reduced to an exhaustible resource, an endangered planet condemned to its own ending, another continent seems to have emerged—“Earth” as a dark, impenetrable and indestructible reserve that could offer an ultimate refuge to metaphysical thought. The masterclass seeks ways to liberate the earth from being the ground for a petrified foundation of the Western metaphysics and tries to return it to its multitudinous and chaotic dimension, in which alliances, contaminations and totally unexpected contacts arise, which force philosophy to throw itself à corps perdu into collaborations and coexistences that are impossible to anticipate or calculate.


Tusa, Giovanbattista (2020). “De-Limitations. Of Other Earths”. Stasis Vol. 9 N. 1: 166-183.

PDF available online:

Giovanbattista Tusa ( is a philosopher and video artist. His latest works and projects include The End: A Conversation (with Alain Badiou) and Planetary Conversations ( with a.o. Jean-Luc Nancy, Reza Negarestani, Slavoj Zizek. 

All welcome! Research Master students can participate for credits. 

For registration and more information, please contact Joost de Bloois & Jeff Diamanti:,