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Accountancy and Control
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Control track

How can information help organisations to reach their goals? This is the core question you will learn how to answer in the Control track. This track is one of 2 tracks you can opt for in our Master's in Accountancy & Control.

Help organisations reach their goals

Controlling ensures the integrity of processes, procedures and information systems, and provides timely, meaningful and understandable financial information and analysis. Controllers assist everyone in working together in their respective roles efficiently to provide accurate and fresh financial data and analysis in a form everyone can understand.

A good controller anticipates the information needs of management and provides timely financial data, analysis and recommendations. And lets management know about all the important financial aspects surrounding the business.   

The Control track emphasises the role that information plays in the management of organisations, focusing on both departments and people. Control is therefore about managing organisations: how to make sure the organisation reaches its goals. 

Track-specific courses

  • Strategic Value Management (5EC)

    This course focuses on the role of controllers in managing costs, revenues and value. Topics that will be covered include short and long term cost management, customer profitability and innovation.

  • Corporate Financial Management (5EC)

    This course offers you a blend of lectures, case discussions and hands-on exercise sessions to enhance your understanding of corporate finance and corporate valuation.

  • Business Lab: Control (3EC)

    Apply your knowledge to solve complex business issues in the area of control. Together with your fellow students, you will work on cases that a company struggles with. For example, cost reduction, investments decisions and using big data in decision making.

Real-life case: how productive is a manager?

MSc Accountancy and Control, Control case, Amsterdam Business School, UvA

In modern economies, most people work in service organisations. But how do you measure the productivity and efficiency of for example a manager or consultant?

Or the contributions of a researcher in developing a new medicine? And if it's difficult to measure their output, how do you manage these professionals?

Accountancy or Control?

Accountancy is one of the 2 tracks you can opt for in our MSc Accountancy and Control. If you are more interested in Accountancy, then read the info on this track.