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International and Transnational Criminal Law (International Criminal Law)

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Amsterdam Law School offers two Master tracks in International Criminal Law: a joint program with Columbia Law School (track 1) and a full LLM in International and Transnational Criminal Law at our Amsterdam Law School (track 2). Both tracks focus on international and transnational criminal law as distinct fields of legal study. We aim to train a new generation of criminal lawyers who are capable of transcending disciplinary borders. For that purpose, we offer a curriculum that enhances a broad and deep understanding of relevant issues of international and cross-border justice and the development of academic skills through in-depth analysis and experiential learning.

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What is this programme about?
Students and lecturers from International Criminal Law will tell you what you can expect from this programme and discuss career opportunities once you have graduated.

Study programme

The two tracks start with a common first semester at the University of Amsterdam that includes procedural and substantive law courses regarding the law of international courts and tribunals. You will visit The Hague, the city of international justice, and work with international renowned practitioners, including International Criminal Court judges and prosecutors. Additionally, we offer a range of elective courses such as international humanitarian law, human rights law and the theory and history of international law. Students who participate in the joint programme with Columbia Law School (track 1) will move to New York at the end of our 1st semester. Students enrolled in our International and Transnational Criminal Law (track 2) will expand their knowledge to transnational criminal law and will have opportunities to take internships or conduct (interdisciplinary) research that is relevant for courts and tribunals.

Civiel effect

Graduates who have completed the Master’s in International Criminal Law in addition to a full Bachelor’s degree in Dutch Law can qualify for admission to the Dutch bar and judiciary (the so-called ‘civiel effect’ of the Master). For more information and how to qualify, see student.uva.nl/civieleffect (in Dutch).

What is unique about this programme?
Student Trinethra answers the question: What do you think is unique about the Master's Track International and Transnational Criminal Law?
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Tuition fees, scholarships and living expenses

Paying the tuition fees is an important step in completing your enrolment. Other costs to keep in mind when planning your university budget include housing, living expenses, and learning materials such as books, stationary and a laptop.

Related Master programme information

The University of Amsterdam offers two tracks under its Master's programme on International Criminal Law. The other track under the International Criminal Law Master programme is entitled “International and Criminal - Joint Programme”.

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‘While there is a focus on theory, you have ample opportunity to apply it to real case scenarios. Francesca Zarb, student International and Transnational Criminal Law Read the story of Francesca and look at the list of lecturers
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