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Psychology: Development and Health Psychology (track)

Almost all children hate smoking, yet about a quarter of young adults take up smoking. What changed in-between childhood and adulthood and what can we do to prevent this behaviour? Similar questions can be asked for problematic use of drugs, or unprotected sex. Further, overweight and obesity, even in young children, is one of the most important health problems in the western world with an enormous socio-economic impact. What can we do about that?

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This Master's program will address four of the most important health problems in our society today: Sex and sexually transmitted diseases, Obesity, Addiction and Stress. These are approached with elements of social, developmental, clinical and experimental psychology combined with applications to health issues that are currently on the top of the list in our society. You will learn to systematically analyze health problems, select, adapt or design and execute appropriate interventions and analyze their effectiveness.

Psychology: Development and Health - smoking and drinking


Practical workshops will be offered at the start of each content domain: You will learn (1) intervention mapping, a protocol for developing effective behavior change interventions, and (2) statistics/methods to analyze changes in health behavior. You will also attain hands-on experience with (3) programming online interventions, and will be given clinical training in (4) motivational interviewing, which is an important evidence-based method to motivate behavior change.

In this Master's track, the highly interactive education model Problem-Based Learning (PBL) will be used, which will develop skills important in your career such as chairing, communication (e.g. giving and receiving constructive feedback) and group collaboration. Experts in the field are invited in every course to give guest lectures on their specialty.

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Diploma MSc Psychologie
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Studielast 60 EC, 12 maanden
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Start September
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