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Research Master
Child Development and Education
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Study programme

The Research Master's in Child Development and Education is an intensive, selective two-year programme that trains students to become researchers in the field of parenting, education and child development.

Programme outline

The programme consists of 120 EC credits and takes two years to complete.

A distinction is made in the curriculum between:

  • disciplinary courses 
  • courses in methods and statistics 
  • writing and presentation skills
  • internship and research projects 

Please, download the information brochure for an overview of the programme and course descriptions.

Within the research master programme, students can follow two separate routes: a 'regular route' or a 'clinical route' .

  • Regular route

    The regular route is open to all research master students. In the regular route, students take the introductory course, three courses in methods and statistics, and a supporting course, and they choose five disciplinary courses. The disciplinary courses can be chosen in such a way that an ‘education’ or a ‘child development’ direction can be followed. In addition, students conduct a research internship in the first year, and a thesis in the second year.

  • Clinical route

    The clinical route is meant for students who want to work as a clinical researcher or “science-practitioner” in the Dutch practice and want to be registered as a clinical diagnostician (in Dutch: “Orthopedagoog Generalist” or “Gezondheidszorgpsycholoog”). To qualify for the official continuation courses and training for clinical professions in the Netherlands, students must (1) have a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy or psychology with a study programme that meets the requirements described elsewhere (see study guide master programme “Orthopedagogiek or Forensische orthopedagogiek  Registraties voor klinisch orthopedagoog en GZ-opleiding"), and (2) follow the clinical route within the research master programme.

    Please note that the clinical route is only open to Dutch students, as this route qualifies for the continuation courses for clinical professions in the Netherlands. In other countries other requirements apply. However, international students can of course follow the clinical research master courses and choose clinical subjects for their thesis work.

    Students in the clinical route can choose either the ‘Orthopedagogiek’ direction, or the ‘Forensische Orthopedagogiek’ direction. For more information about the regular and clinical routes, we refer to our information brochure.

For more information about the regular and clinical routes, we refer to our information brochure.


The research master is a fulltime programme. You will have weekly tutorials and work on your own research project under supervision of a research master staff member. In addition, a large part of your programme focuses on self-study (e.g., preparing for tutorials, working on assignments).

Tutorials: approx. 10 hours per week
Working on research project and self-study: approx. 30 hours per week